Wastewater treatment for environmental protection is a key requirement

Clean water supply is a key condition for the health of society. We are a great partner, starting from the construction of small, individual pumping stations, up to large water supply systems, where, with the help of our wide range of knowledge and technical solutions, we take over the responsibility for the entire project, project design, project management, commissioning and maintenance of the entire system, with the aim of better coordination in plant construction, system optimization and electricity savings.
A half of all wastewater consists of urban wastewater. The amount of wastewater in the world continues to increase and wastewater treatment for environmental protection is becoming a key requirement for all local authorities. That is why we offer proven technologies for wastewater treatment. Our solutions take care not only of better wastewater treatment, but also of energy efficiency and electrical energy savings during the treatment system operation. We are ready to create a plant for every investor that fully meets its requirements.

Water supply, drainage, irrigation and wastewater treatment plants

The optimization of power consumption and the amount of pumped water

In the field of water management, we have many years of experience in the implementation of:


Pumping stations for potable water with associated water tanks and pipelines

Pumping stations for wastewater with associated collectors and retentions

Pumping stations for irrigation and drainage (land reclamation, hinterland waters solutions)

Wastewater treatment plant

We design and supply electric power equipment for pumping stations power supply. Primarily transformer substations, medium and low voltage switchgear, electric generator unit plants and motor drives, MV and LV equipment, pumps and equipment for wells, but we also design and supply process control, automation, remote control systems of Končar KET SCADA ProzaNET system.


We are present in the domestic and international markets, especially in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East (Egypt, Algeria, Iraq) where we delivered engines and motor drives with total power over 400 MW, while participating in the construction of major pumping stations in the Republic of Croatia (Rijeka and Zagreb).