The digitalization of processes in energy, transport, water management, industry and management of smart buildings

We are a champion of digital transformation and we pay special attention to solutions designed for cyber security, advanced power grids, and many other innovative digital solutions in segments such as smart cities and data centers.
We have been on the forefront of digitalization in the energy, transport, water management and industry sectors with our complete SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) PROZA NET solution, which has been long since proven, and digital plant maintenance system with SCADA and Augmented Reality integration.

PROZA NET integration platform




One of the basic problems of accelerated development and integration of the advanced power distribution grid is the lack of a single environment that would enable simple introduction of new subsystems while ensuring independence of a particular technology, applied control methodology and equipment manufacturers. We successfully solve these problems by implementing the PROZA NET platform which provides appropriate technology solutions based on open technologies that enable the application and communication connectivity of distributed control and monitoring devices and applications. The PROZA NET intermediary platform is a layer of software support that allows for the interaction between different applications and/or devices with the purpose of simpler and faster application development, and provides a set of multifunctional software capabilities from the operating system itself. Advanced industrial automation systems are largely based on computer systems, and therefore intermediary platforms have a significant role in the development of distributed control and monitoring systems.


The main features of the PROZA NET platform are:

  • The universality of the application – independent of the automation system domains
  • Scalability – the possibility of application from mobile devices to data centers
  • Adaptability – based on expandable software environments and libraries
  • Modularity – adapted to connecting to external systems of other manufacturers
  • Openness – based on international industry standards and globally accepted technologies

PROZA NET is the platform within which we implement the SCADA system with functions for monitoring and controlling facilities and plants in the field of power distribution (including renewable energy sources with reference to wind farms), gas and oil, industry, transport and water management, which are continually being upgraded with respect to advances in technology.


PROZA NET has been fully developed at KONČAR-KET and is the result of own know-how and experience with hundreds of installations in power distribution, the gas sector, industry, water management, transport.


The RTGo system is used as a digital system which facilitates maintenance procedures of all types of plants. The system does not depend on the type of plant and, in addition to the maintenance process and failures analysis, it also offers the ability to read instructions from the operator and display digital SCADA information at any location in real-time (actual current data) using augmented reality.


The RTGo platform is a system intended for use in maintenance of all types of plants. It has been designed to be applied in various domains, making it useful in any type of plant, including large power plants. With the RTGo platform, you will be able to digitalize all maintenance processes. RTGo offers the ability to define detailed description of maintenance procedures, as well as descriptions of steps required of the operator to perform these procedures. The operator uses the mobile RTGo application to read instructions before and during execution of the maintenance process. The application gives the operator the ability to capture images and text of the executed procedure steps and suddenly detected malfunctions. Via a web application, the staff can monitor the entire maintenance and analyze and optimize all processes, thus enabling early failure prediction.


RTGo also offers the possibility of integration with the SCADA system in the environment and can, via the mobile applications and augmented reality, anywhere and in real-time, visualize the current state of equipment, which is sometimes necessary for quick execution of maintenance procedures. This is achieved by setting up special Končar augmented reality markers and observing markers through the mobile device camera. When the RTGo application detects a marker, it draws the current state of the relevant equipment over it.

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Cyber security

The first global certificate for compliance with the internationally-recognized industrial standard IEC 62443-2-4

The PROZA NET platform for the digitalization of automated power distribution systems is certified for compliance with the internationally-recognized industrial standard IEC 62443-2-4.

A power grid that is marked by cyber security is a prerequisite for automation and progress of future smart cities, and the fact that KONČAR’s product PROZA NET was the first in the world to receive cyber security certification will enable the creation of new digital solutions that will enable accelerated development of the next power distribution grid known as the Smart Grid.

Network-accessible digital systems enable attacks that hide or falsify the sources of attack, and in the systems that are isolated, the greatest threat comes from the manner of operating the systems.

We have been following trends related to the management and security of digital systems and products. A few years ago, we received the certificate for information security management, and the IEC 62443-2-4 certificate is a natural continuation of the initiated process of gradually increasing the cyber security of the system we deliver to our customers.

Research projects

Our participation in research and development projects supported by the EU Horizon 2020 program helps us navigate the development of our own products and services


Projects description

Automatic Generation Control


PROZA AGC is our system that has been fully developed at KONČAR KET with the functions of Load Frequency Control (LFC) for Transmission System Operator (TSO) as well as both LFC and Automatic Schedule Execution in Generation Control Center (GCC). . For LFC control algorithm, AGC application in TSO is the master LFC, while the one in GCC is the slave one.


PROZA AGC can be implemented either in single or redundant configuration. It has a modular architecture with the possibility of module selection, depending on the implementation and user requirements.

PROZA AGC is integrated with PRPZA NET SCADA system (or any other SCADA) for visualization and data archiving. For GCC purpose it also must be integrated with an application for schedule optimization.


The PROZA AGC functionalities for TSO implementation include:

  • input and output data pre-processing
  • control area and control block support
  • unlimited sources for input measurement
  • imbalance netting support
  • PI regulation algorithm
  • merit order list for AGC unit selection
  • optimal power distribution based on AGC prices
  • secondary and tertiary reserve monitoring
  • import of regulation plan, interchange plan and units’ prices
  • AGC units response simulation.


The PROZA AGC functionalities for implementation in GCC are:

  • input and output data pre-processing
  • unlimited sources for input measurement
  • merit order list for AGC unit selection
  • optimal power distribution based on AGC prices
  • secondary and tertiary reserve monitoring
  • AGC units response simulation
  • import of generation plans
  • Automatic Schedule Execution and its monitoring