Interdisciplinary approach

We offer comprehensive automation and management services, including demand analysis, system planning and design, project management, detailed design, programming, testing, commissioning, the preparation of operating manuals, personnel training and operational support. The services also include monitoring and verifying the status of older generations of control systems, system operation analysis and maintenance contracts.

Relying on experience and expertise, we provide an interdisciplinary approach in cooperation with experts in the fields of internal telecommunications, computer networks and software systems.

Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Gas transmission and distribution system, Transport

Reliable system control

Our advantage lies in many years of experience in the implementation of information systems for real-time monitoring and control, as well as applications for analysis, forecasting, market functions as support to business processes of Transmission System Operators (power and gas), Distribution System Operators (power and gas), Power Generation Centers and the Railway Transport System.


All of the systems that we implement are modular, high-performance, insensitive to failures with built-in redundancy at all levels.


During the replacement of the system in the dispatch centers, we ensure the parallel operation of the existing and new systems by installing our own software and machine solutions with continuous and uninterrupted work of dispatchers and operating personnel.


We integrate information systems by providing the automation of business processes and activities, the integration of engineering and market/financial data, data consistency and the basis for analyses and business decision making.


We take into account the ability to change information systems and applications after the introduction of a new technology, while maintaining customer requirements.


We design, implement, test and commission:

Dispatch centers for power transmission and distribution

  • SCADA real-time monitoring and control system
  • Applications for advanced EMS and DMS analyses (Energy Management System, Distribution Management System)
  • Automatic Generation Control / Load Frequency Control (in transmission centers)
  • Market applications
  • A unique approach to the application user interface via the website for market and reporting functions
  • Lightning Location System
  • Wind Power Management System
  • Meter Reading System
  • Data Warehouse
  • Common Data Model


Electricity generation centers – the control and management of generating facilities in the river basin:

  • SCADA real-time monitoring and control system
  • Generation planning applications
  • River basin simulation
  • Reporting applications
  • Timetable application
  • Meter reading system
  • Scheduling application
  • Automatic Generation Control,
  • Web portal and data warehouse.


Dispatch centers in the gas sector

The local and remote monitoring and management systems include all components of:

  • process instruments,
  • metering systems,
  • telemetry units,
  • communications systems
  • local and remote control centers
  • gas quality control system
  • for the purpose of collecting, transmitting and processing process data at all levels of the system.


We implement application solutions for complex process data processing in real-time and extended real-time, such as various process calculations, forecasts, simulations, etc.


Dispatch centers in transport:

  • SCADA real-time monitoring and control system
  • Electric traction power supply control and monitoring
  • Sectioning control and monitoring
  • Control and monitoring of railway stations contact line disconnectors
  • Control and monitoring of switch heating power supply disconnectors
  • Telecommunication network monitoring

In all dispatch centers, a SCADA system based on the PROZA NET integration platform has been installed: