Several decades of successful realization

We have been implementing process information systems for automatic control, regulation and control of plants in power distribution, the gas sector, water management, industry and transport, as well as integrated management and protection systems at all levels: field level, plant level, superordinate control center level.

Our activities have been focused on the development and application of devices intended for the construction of automation, control and protection systems in energy, industrial and water management plants, as well as transport.

Our advantage is the knowledge of technology and business processes, enabling us to successfully realize comprehensive solutions and the most complex automation, management and protection systems.

We possess knowledge of the functions, structure, software solutions, and tools for designing, parameterizing, and testing devices with which we build systems.

In case of generationally and technologically diverse equipment in the same plant, which cannot be directly interconnected into a functional unit, we implement our software, machine solutions and adjustments.