Vis solar power plant with capacity of 3.5 MW is located on the Griževa glavica hill, near the settlement of Žena Glava, about 3.6 kilometers southwest of the town of Vis and about 4.8 kilometers east of Komiža. It is located on the surface area of 5.5 hectares, at an altitude of about 250 meters. The expected annual generation will amount to 5 million kWh of electricity, which can meet the needs of around 1,600 households. With the construction of a solar power plant, the island of Vis gained greater security of power supply. An additional advantage of the solar power plant is that it will yield the largest power generation at the time when it is most necessary, i.e. when the consumption is increased during the summer tourist season. The scope of works, according to the turnkey principle, included the preparation of the detailed design, delivery of equipment, construction works related to terrain preparation, foundations and placement of load-bearing structures, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic modules, development, delivery, installation and commissioning of converters, delivery of the remaining equipment up to and including the SCADA system Proza Net, and finally the connection of the power plant to the connection facility SS 35/10 kV Vis. SPP Vis contains 11,200 photovoltaic modules with individual power of 340 Wpp and five central converters, each with a power of 720 kW. The central converters are designed as a "power station" which, in addition to the converter, also contains a transformer and a medium voltage plant with an output voltage of 10(20) kV. The power plant was successfully commissioned in mid-2020. At the time of commissioning, SPP Vis was the largest solar power plant in the Republic of Croatia.