BETO Gospić

Cogeneration plant powered by woodchips is a small thermal power plant that uses environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral fuel - wood biomass. In the period since 2015, 9 contracts have been successfully completed, of which the latest one was BETO Gospić, completed in 2021. As in most previous contracts, KET had the status of a subcontractor to the main contractor Đuro Đaković TEP. The capacity of the power plant is 6 MWe, of which the incentive system will operate at up to 4.96 Mwe. The project will include using waste heat for drying wood biomass. The handover of electricity is performed at the 20 kV connection facility. The work was contracted on a turnkey basis within the contracted scope of work, and it includes the connection of the power plant to the distribution grid, medium voltage plant, generator protection and excitation, low voltage distribution for general and own consumption, diesel generation unit, power plant management system as well as instrumentation and measurement. Particular emphasis in these projects is placed on the integration of power engineering, instrumentation and control, resulting in a unique market offer that is based on comprehensiveness and functionality. Furthermore, KET is at the disposal of the investor for technical and legal tasks related to HEP regarding the connection of the power plant. Special attention is paid to the development of specific technical knowledge regarding the instrumentation and control of steam processes, which represents a qualitative upgrade of technical skills for which KET is renowned.