Caring about the environment is an integral part of our know-how

In addition to many years of experience in the construction and rehabilitation of hydro power plants, in recent years KET has realized exceptional success in the construction of new types of renewable sources of electricity in which KONČAR has generally been investing more than ever. However, it is worth reminding that Končar pioneered the development of a small hybrid system in the late 2000s (based on the use of solar, wind and even hydrogen energy, with the possibility of storing energy in batteries), i.e. a system used as an autonomous power supply for certain equipment in remote locations. Afterwards, KET participated in about 10 projects for the construction of cogeneration plants that use woodchips as fuel, and in 2012 we developed and built one of the first wind farms in Croatia, at Pometeno brdo near Split. As part of the development continuity, in 2020 we put into operation the largest solar power plant in Croatia at the time, on the island of Vis, with a capacity of 3.5 MW, which on average meets half of the power needs of the island. KET has obtained the latest references in the field of renewable energy sources largely as a result of its long-term knowledge in offering, contracting and managing the realization/construction of large infrastructure projects, while using innovative technical solutions. Our services in this area include preparation of design documentation, equipment delivery and installation, as well as testing and commissioning of the entire plant.

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