Works on the cogeneration plants in Županja and Virovitica completed


The handover related to the Županja and Virovitica cogeneration plants was performed

After a series of cogeneration plants in Slavonski Brod, Đakovo, Osijek, Sisak, Glina and Slatina, the works on the construction of the subject two new cogeneration plants which our company performed were completed. Cogeneration plant Županja with the power of 4.93 MWe was completed at the end of 2019, while the biomass cogeneration plant Virovitica with the power of 3 MWe was completed in early 2020, when the provisional minutes of handover were signed and a 2-year warranty period began. The facilities were constructed by the company Đuro Đaković TEP for the investors Biomass to energy Županja d.o.o. and A&A Bioenergy Viro.

The contractual obligation of KET in the subject projects included the integration of power engineering, instrumentation and control based on the comprehensiveness and functionality principles. The scope of the project also included the necessary tests and preparation of documentation for connection of the power plant to the distribution grid, as well as obtaining a permit for permanent connection

In addition to KET, other Končar companies also participated in the project realization, namely Distribution & Special Transformers (delivering block transformers and own consumption transformers), Switchgear (delivering medium-voltage plant and own consumption distribution), and Electronics and Informatics (delivering bay terminals, uninterruptible power supplies and industrial computers for the control system), as well as other partners.

Cogeneration plants in Županja and Virovitica are small thermal power plants that use environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral fuel – wood biomass. Nominal powers of the power plants are 5.6 MWe (Županja) and 3.5 MWe (Virovitica), but they will operate up to a maximum of 4.93 MWe (Županja) and 3.0 MWe (Virovitica) within the incentive system. The cogeneration plant is based on a condensing steam turbine with regulated steam extraction for possible industrial applications. At the Županja site, waste heat from the condenser is provided for drying the woodchips in a plant constructed for drying woodchips. The resulting woodchips will be used for power plant purposes and for placement on the market. During the burning of woodchips with a lower moisture content, the consumption of primary energy product per generated MW of electricity is reduced. At the Virovitica site, the waste heat will be used for the purposes of the nearby wood processing industry.