Reconstruction of the 110 kV plant in SS 110/20 kV Rakitje completed


KONČAR - Engineering completed the reconstruction project of the 110 kV plant within the SS 110/20 kV Rakitje in early September, and the main reason for the reconstruction of this significant transformer station in the transmission network of the wider area of Zagreb was the poor condition and age of the plant equipment, which has been in operation for more than 60 years.

The project, realized in a consortium with the construction company GIP Pionir and worth approximately EUR 9,2 milion, included the reconstruction of the entire external 110 kV switchgear consisting of 18 bays and part of the operating building with the secondary equipment of the 110 kV plant, removal of the existing telecommunications building, assembly tower and container, construction of relay boxes in the 110 kV plant as well as a new auxiliary building for the needs of several services responsible for the maintenance of the Zagreb Transmission Area. KONČAR – Switchgear (works on the formation of 110 kV circuit breakers, commissioning of 110 kV disconnectors and earthing switches and AC distribution) and KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics (DC distribution, metering equipment and IT equipment) also participated in this project.