Remete Pumping Station


Reconstruction of electrical and mechanical equipment in Remete Pumping Station

The reconstruction of Remete Pumping Station has been contracted with the Water Management Authority (Vodoopskrba i odvodnja – VIO) and the town of Zagreb in February of this year. The reconstruction comprises replacement of pumps, frequency converters and distribution cubicles with local automatic control. The completion term is October, 2018. Remete Pumping Station is a pumping station that pumps drinking water into Biškupec Breg Water Reservoir to enable supply of households situated in higher areas above the sea level (Remete, Gajnice, the region under the Hill of Sljeme) with drinking water. The reconstruction of Remete Water Well will contribute to the reliability of the water supply in the northern part of Zagreb and decrease losses in the water supply system in that part of the town.