Ceremonial opening of the first generation center outside Croatia


New Dam Monitoring and Dispatch Center (DMDC) for the Albanian power company KESH was officially opened in November in Albania, and also represents the first KONČAR - Engineering generation center outside the Republic of Croatia.

Given that the project was financed by the German KfW bank, the opening ceremony was attended by the German Ambassador to Albania Karl Bergner, representatives of the German ministries and representatives of the KfW bank.
This DMDC center will monitor the operation and manage the generation of three hydro power plants in a cascade on the Drin River – HPP Fierza, HPP Komani and HPP Vau and Dejes through Končar’s PROZA NET SCADA system – the central application in the new center. The main function is the collection of data from hydro power plants and external systems, their processing and graphic visualization for operators who use the system to monitor the operation and manage the facilities. The installed capacity of the hydro power plants is 1350 MW, and their generation amounts to around 90% of the total electricity generated in Albania.
The project included the delivery of assembly, software and office equipment, system parameterization in the center and hydro power plants, testing, remodeling of the dispatch center, and user training. The main DMDC center is located in the office building of KESH in Tirana, while its backup copy is located in the Vau and Dejes hydro power plants.
Let us remind you that in the last 15 years, KONČAR – Engineering established three generation centers in the Republic of Croatia: GC North, GC West and GC South. Finally, it is important to emphasize that KONČAR – Engineering has left a deep mark on the Albanian power system in recent years through the realization of the rehabilitation and construction of HV substations, and now it has proven itself as a successful partner in the implementation of complex remote control systems for critical infrastructure, which paves the way for the continuation of successful projects in the region.