Comprehensive solutions with complete control systems

We have participated in the construction of a large number of facilities for the oil and gas industry. In this area, we cover a wide range of medium and low voltage power distribution facilities, regulated electric motor drives, process instrumentation, control systems and remote monitoring and control systems.

We supply equipment, install and commission regulated electric motor drives. We use equipment manufactured by the KONČAR Group, as well as equipment of other renowned manufacturers, depending on customer requirements. We successfully integrate regulated electric motor drives into control and monitoring systems.


Regulated electric motor drives have the following advantages over other technical solutions:

  • High reliability and availability, minimum maintenance requirements
  • The possibility of electric motor drive regulation
  • There are no mechanical impacts on the shaft, the working mechanism and the connecting mechanical parts
  • Immediate cold start, very high utility even under reduced load
  • No voltage failure at startup, no loading of the power supply grid with reactive power

Our solutions for the process quantities measuring problem have also been recognized – gas, condensate, and water flow. We realize algorithms for calculating gas and liquid flow and their connection to the control and monitoring system. It is particularly important to emphasize the adaptive algorithm for calculating the three-phase flow on the input separator measurement lines.