Designing the control and monitoring system

We develop mechanical and power distribution designs, as well as control and monitoring system designs. We coordinate the subsystems at all stages of the project, deliver and install the equipment, and create process management applications.

Optimization algorithms

In addition to process line automation and application design (in Programmable Logic Controller – PLC and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – SCADA) for control of the most demanding processes, we have experience and know-how in the construction projects of high voltage transformer testing laboratories and power distribution plants for their power supply.


The projects include the delivery, assembly, testing and commissioning of power distribution equipment for the high voltage laboratory and power distribution plant:

  • motor-generator set with frequency converters,
  • cooling systems for motor-generator sets,
  • capacitor banks,
  • low-voltage (400 V) and medium-voltage (3 – 20 kV) plant
  • excitation systems
  • secondary control, protection, measurement systems
  • vibration and temperature monitoring.

We especially emphasize our solutions for:

  • system for the protection of the environment from vibrations, where we design the “elastic foundation”, i.e. a special system for vibration compensation
  • noise protection system, where silencers are located in air conditioning ducts, and special sealing elements are placed around pipes, cables and ventilation ducts that exit into the outer space

Our solutions make significant contributions to increasing generation capacities – production and testing of transformers.