One of our most important business areas are engineering activities in the construction and renewal of facilities and plants for power generation.
With our own development and economic cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, we have mastered all the necessary knowledge to provide complete engineering services in construction and supplying equipment for hydro power plants, thermal power plants and renewable energy sources.
Our engineering activity in the field of power generation is based on the products of primary (generators, transformers, switchgear) and secondary electrical equipment (excitation systems, metering, protection and control devices, control panels, automatic control systems) not only from the KONČAR group production program, but also from other well-known manufacturers throughout the world.

Hydro power plants

Energy of the future

With more than a decade of experience in the electrical power industry and numerous global references, we are recognized as a reputable and reliable partner in the construction and renewal of hydro power plants.

According to “turnkey” principle, we are successfully realizing projects for the construction of new hydro power plants, as well as those for refurbishment, modernization and upgrading of existing ones. Our solutions are always top-quality.

Renewable energy sources

A contribution to environmental protection and to the increase of system energy sustainability

At an increasing scale of energy consumption and the consumption of the stock of fossil fuels, as a positive response to:

  • environmentally acceptable energy sources,
  • contribution to the stabilization of climatic conditions,
  • contribution to power supply security and increase of “green energy” generation

we have solutions and experience for renewable energy sources:

  • biomass
  • solar photovoltaic energy,
  • wind energy.


Particular emphasis in these projects is placed on the consolidation of power distribution, instrumentation and control in a unique market offer based on the principle of functionality completeness. We provide the client with full support in the field of power distribution, instrumentation, control and general electrical installation, as well as solving the issue of connecting the power plant to the power distribution grid.


Our turnkey solutions for wood biomass cogeneration provide answers to all technical particularities, and include:

  • Project documentation (main design, as-built design, studies necessary for connecting the power plant to the grid, creation of hook-ups for instrumentation)
  • Equipment delivery: MV facility with relay protection system (35 kV, 20 kV), main and auxiliary LV distribution (400 VAC), auxiliary 110 VDC power supply, block transformers and auxiliary power supply transformers, frequency and voltage converters
  • Instrumentation:  measurement of process quantities of water and steam (temperature, pressure, flow, level), oxygen analyzers, metering instruments, armature
  • Control and regulation: redundant SCADA and PLC with complete monitoring and protection of the boiler
  • Mounting the equipment, testing and commissioning


The control and supervision system that we are implementing is the integration platform