Greater rate of utilization of infrastructure while optimizing costs

A growing population and continuous development of industry, together with the aspiration towards renewable "green" energy, represent challenges for transmission network operators. As a result of these challenges, transmission network operators are under great pressure to build new transformer stations, as well as to extend the service life of existing transformer substations. We are addressing challenges!


Substations and transmission grid

The model preferred by the transmission system operator is the “turnkey” model. Accordingly, we specialize in delivering tailor-made solutions.


The solutions we offer include:

  • primary high voltage equipment,
  • secondary control and protection systems,
  • metering,
  • telecommunications
  • our own programming solutions for monitoring and control, as well as diagnostics.

Gas transmission system

Comprehensive solutions for supporting technological and market processes

We deliver comprehensive solutions for supporting technological and market processes in all segments of the gas transmission system.  The delivered systems are integrated into the business environment of the user.


Local and remote monitoring and control systems include all components of the following:

  • process instruments,
  • metering systems,
  • telemetry units,
  • communication systems
  • local and remote control centers

for the purpose of collecting, transmitting and processing process data at all levels of the system.


We implement application solutions for complex processing of process data in real-time and extended real-time, such as various process calculations, forecasts, simulations etc.


In the field of support for business processes on the gas market, we supply solutions that support all market processes and that are integrated with other systems within the company (SCADA, the system of remote reading of metering instruments, business information system, etc.) and systems of other participants on the gas market (heads of balance groups, suppliers, UGS, external TSO, regulatory agencies, ministries, etc.).


Support systems for business processes on the gas market are developed and tailored to the requirements of specific roles of individual gas market participants.


The systems we implement are the following:

  • SCADA systems of different configurations, including systems with redundant configuration control centers
  • The special functions system for forecast of loads, status estimation and dynamic simulation of the gas transportation system in real-time
  • The system of remote collection of data from commercial gas flow meters, process chromatographs and gas analyzers
  • Cathode protection device monitoring system
  • Equipping the facilities of the gas transmission system with instrumentation devices, metering and telemetry devices
  • Support systems for business processes on the gas market for TSOs, heads of balance grous, suppliers and  Process Support Systems for OTS, VBS, Suppliers, and GMOs

Integration of various ICT systems within companies – gas market participants.