2. 6. 2014 Ivan Vrdoljak, the Minister of Economy, put Unit B of Zakučac Hydro Power Plant (HPP) near Omiš into operation on 30th May, 2014 celebrating the completion of the refurbishment second phase. Replacement of the remaining two units is planned for the next two years. Coordination of this complex project of revitalisation, upgrading and increasing of the capacity of the largest hydro power plant in Croatia is managed by KONČAR.

 Representatives of Splitsko-Dalmatinska County and representatives of the towns of Split and Omiš, representatives of Electric Power Authority of the Croatian Community of Herzeg Bosnia from Mostar, Tomislav Šerić, the President of the Managing Board of Croatian Power Authority (HEP) with associates, Darinko Bago, the President of the Managing Board of KONČAR – Electrical Industry and directors of KONČAR Group Companies involved in the project were present at the celebration ceremony.

Zakučac HPP is the latest hydro power plant of the Cetina River Basin. It has the installed power of 486 MW. It is placed on the mouth of the River into the sea and the basis of its operation is usage of waters from two remote accumulation ponds: Peruća and Buško blato. It was built in two phases: Zakučac I HPP (earlier Split HPP) put into operation in 1962 and Zakučac II HPP put into operation in 1980. The major part of electric equipment was manufactured by KONČAR.

Before the refurbishment, the plant had been equipped with four generators having the total power of 540 MVA (two units of 120 MVA and two units of 150 MVA) and the within the frames of refurbishment, replacement of all four generating units was planned. The first refurbishment phase was finished in February, 2013 when the unit A was replaced. After completion of the refurbishment, the installed power of the hydro power plant will be increased by 52 MW.

“It is impressive to see the project that began in the 50-ies and that was constructed by Croatian companies even than”, said Vrdoljak after the celebration adding that not only Croatian knowledge, but also Croatian technology was engaged at Zakučac HPP. “I have to congratulate Croatian Power Authority for managing of this project and especially to contractors. KONČAR worked on the construction of the plant and it manages the refurbishment project now, meaning that we are in the possession of a huge amount of knowledge and know-how that we have to sell outside our borders”, Vrdoljak concluded.  

KONČAR designed and delivered new electric equipment and systems to Zakučac HPP: 4 generators of the power of 160 MVA with belonging excitation systems, 2 block transformers of 160 MVA and one grid transformer of the power of 150 MVA, generator metal clad busbars for four units, equipment for extension of switchgears and the auxiliary consumption equipment, control and protection systems for units, common plants and switchgears and monitoring systems for units, switching equipment and transformers. The KONČAR Group Companies services at the construction site comprise dismantle of the existing equipment, erection and assembly, testing and inspection and putting into operation of new equipment and systems, training of personnel for operation with new equipment and systems and services of the main site engineer and final testing coordinator.

Seven Končar Group Companies have taken part in the project: Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering, Generators and Motors, Institute for Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Informatics, Metal structures, Power Transformers and Engineering Company for Plant Installation and Commissioning through 12 contracts of the total value of about HRK 440 million.

Since Zakučac HPP has a key significance for the stability and generation of the electric energy, an uninterrupted power supply of consumers has been provided for during the whole reconstruction period representing a great technical challenge of this revitalisation.