One of our most important business areas are engineering activities in the construction and renewal of facilities and plants for power generation.
With our own development and economic cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, we have mastered all the necessary knowledge to provide complete engineering services in construction and supplying equipment for hydro power plants, thermal power plants and renewable energy sources.
Our engineering activity in the field of power generation is based on the products of primary (generators, transformers, switchgear) and secondary electrical equipment (excitation systems, metering, protection and control devices, control panels, automatic control systems) not only from the KONČAR group production program, but also from other well-known manufacturers throughout the world.

Hydro power plants

Energy of the future

With more than a decade of experience in the electrical power industry and numerous global references, we are recognized as a reputable and reliable partner in the construction and renewal of hydro power plants.

According to “turnkey” principle, we are successfully realizing projects for the construction of new hydro power plants, as well as those for refurbishment, modernization and upgrading of existing ones. Our solutions are always top-quality.

Significant projects

Refurbishment of Capital Equipment of Kamburu HPP

The project involved designing, manufacturing, delivering, supervising the works as well as testing and commissioning the generator rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the 2 x 60 t crane, replacement of the 0.4 kV subdistribution, 11 kV equipment in the generator neutral point and the external switchgear, as well as turbine equipment for the client KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company ltd.)

In 1975, Končar delivered and commissioned three vertical generators with excitation systems at Kambura HPP, as well as the automatic voltage regulation and demagnetization equipment, and three control panels for automatic start-up, control and shutdown along with other accompanying equipment, and the refurbishment confirms the continuity of success.

This project is a step further towards our greater presence in Africa, where we already have many references.

Reconstruction of the Zakučac Hydro Power Plant

Zakučac HPP is the largest plant on the Cetina river basin, and according to installed power and potential power generation, it is the largest hydro power plant in Croatia (4x160 MVA).
We are designing and delivering new electrical equipment and systems for Zakučac HPP: control and protection systems for generator units, joint drives and switchgear, as well as systems for monitoring the generator units, switchgear and transformers, and we are performing all the works on the construction of a new high-voltage switchyard.
We are coordinating and managing the disassembly of existing equipment, assembly, testing and commissioning of new equipment and systems, as well as training the personnel for operating new equipment and systems and the activities of the chief site engineer and final testing coordinator.

Construction of Brežice HPP

This exceptionally complex multi-purpose project, apart from power generation, aims at infrastructure organization, watercourse organization, flood protection, groundwater protection and lifting, and an increase in drinking water supplies. Brežice HPP is the fourth power plant in the series, with a total nominal power of 45 MW and a flow rate of 500 m3/s. The power plant represents a combination of the run-of-the-river and reservoir type, and it is equipped with three vertical Kaplan hydrogenerators. The planned annual generation of Brežice HPP amounts to 161 GWh.
Works performed by the consortium of companies consisting of KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering (KET) and Litostroj Power included the delivery of electro-mechanical equipment for the construction of the new Hydro Power Plant Brežice, installation, testing and commissioning of production units with auxiliary equipment.
We have supplied three generators with a maximum operating power of 21.5 MVA with systems
for excitation and monitoring of the generator unit, and all of the equipment was produced by KONČAR group companies.

Thermal power plants

Reconstruction of TPP

Thermal power plants, renewal and modernization of existing facilities, and providing electrical equipment for new thermal power plants constitutes the next important field of our activities in providing equipment for power generation facilities.

We possess the knowledge and experience to independently perform engineering works on complete electrical equipment at thermal power plants, including the generator and its associated electrical subsystems.

We successfully design, deliver, install and commission the following: generators, excitation systems, power and instrument transformers, enclosed busbar systems, electrical motor drives, medium voltage switchgears, control and electrical protection systems, AC and DC auxiliary power supply systems for thermal power plants.

Significant projects - Thermal power plants

Plomin 2 TPP

We have realized all activities related to the construction of electrical plants according to the "turnkey" principle. The main installed electrical equipment was the following: generators, power and special transformers, instrument transformers, shielded transmission lines, high, medium and low voltage switchyards, switchgear of all voltage levels, high and low voltage electric motors, rectifiers, metering and protection devices that are products of the KONČAR group companies.
We have implemented a system of control and monitoring of the power plant that is separated and independent from the control system of the technological part of the block (boiler, turbine etc.)
After the completion of the construction of the power plant, we have been maintaining the electrical equipment, facilities and systems, which we have delivered and installed through preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

Osijek TPP-HP and Heating Plant (HP) - Reconstruction of the Auxiliary Power Supply

This project reconstructed own electricity consumption by the stated plant, according to the "turnkey" principle, thereby extending the service life of the plant in question for the next 20-25 years.
The project encompassed: designing, extension of the 110kV plant with the installation of the associated secondary equipment in the own consumption building; reconstruction of the 35 kV plant, construction and installation of the new 6.3 kV plant, delivery and installation of equipment in the 0.4 kV plant and construction works.
We have implemented a system of monitoring, metering, protection, control and measuring of the quality of electricity along with the delivery and installation of other systems.

TPP-HP Zagreb - block L

Construction of a new combined cogeneration plant - Block L included the delivery of electrical equipment produced by KONČAR group companies and the installation, testing and commissioning works whereby we acted in the capacity of project manager.
Such a demanding job required coordination and close cooperation between all project participants.
The commissioning of the plant significantly increased the power supply security of Zagreb, as well as heating security for the population of the eastern part of the city, and the provision of technological steam to industrial plants, with a contribution to environmental protection that consisted of the use of natural gas. The plant is among the first industrial facilities of the eastern part of the city that is connected to the city waste water treatment system.

Renewable energy sources

A contribution to environmental protection and to the increase of system energy sustainability

At an increasing scale of energy consumption and the consumption of the stock of fossil fuels, as a positive response to:

  • environmentally acceptable energy sources,
  • contribution to the stabilization of climatic conditions,
  • contribution to power supply security and increase of “green energy” generation

we have solutions and experience for renewable energy sources:

  • biomass
  • solar photovoltaic energy,
  • wind energy.


Particular emphasis in these projects is placed on the consolidation of power distribution, instrumentation and control in a unique market offer based on the principle of functionality completeness. We provide the client with full support in the field of power distribution, instrumentation, control and general electrical installation, as well as solving the issue of connecting the power plant to the power distribution grid.


Our turnkey solutions for wood biomass cogeneration provide answers to all technical particularities, and include:

  • Project documentation (main design, as-built design, studies necessary for connecting the power plant to the grid, creation of hook-ups for instrumentation)
  • Equipment delivery: MV facility with relay protection system (35 kV, 20 kV), main and auxiliary LV distribution (400 VAC), auxiliary 110 VDC power supply, block transformers and auxiliary power supply transformers, frequency and voltage converters
  • Instrumentation:  measurement of process quantities of water and steam (temperature, pressure, flow, level), oxygen analyzers, metering instruments, armature
  • Control and regulation: redundant SCADA and PLC with complete monitoring and protection of the boiler
  • Mounting the equipment, testing and commissioning


The control and supervision system that we are implementing is the integration platform


Significant projects

BETO Sisak

BETO Sisak uses an environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral fuel - wood biomass. The BETO Sisak Cogeneration Plant is based on a condensing steam turbine with one regulated steam separation for industrial application.

BETO Slatina

We have carried out works on the construction of a wood biomass cogeneration BETO Slatina. Following the realization of similar facilities in Slavonski Brod, Sisak, Osijek, Glina, Đakovo, this is the sixth consecutive project in the field of distributed production, i.e. wood biomass cogeneration plants. The scope of the works includes, according to the turnkey system, the preparation of as-built design, delivery of the equipment, assembly and commissioning of the medium voltage facility in the plant, connection of the power plant to the connecting switchgear of SS 110/35/10 kV Slatina II, including separation of the distributed source, low voltage auxiliary equipment, technological instruments and monitoring and control system for the boiler and auxiliary systems.

Pometeno Brdo WPP

We have realized Pometeno Brdo wind power plant as a wind farm with 17 generator units with the largest single power of 2.5 MW together with 14 KONČAR group companies.
We have implemented the PROZA NET platform that was successfully applied for remote control and monitoring of the wind power plant, and as an integrated wind power control system, it complies with the requirements of the system operator related to mitigating the adverse features of wind power generation.
The system is based on the use of standardized communication protocols and application solutions that enable coordinated and optimum control of the distributed wind farms.
The applied solution provides automated reporting on generation and availability of a particular generator unit.
Furthermore, the PROZA NET platform enables digitalization of the maintenance process by establishing connection with the RTGo system for the purpose of optimizing the operational availability of the entire system and increasing total generated power.