Research, development and manufacture of the electric equipment necessary for construction of transportation infrastructure represents another business area in which KONČAR cherishes a very long tradition.

Electric vehicles (tramcars, trains, locomotives, trolley busses) have been manufactured in KONČAR factories since the 1950s. These very complex projects are carried out through own research and development, and they are comprising a range of specially developed subsystems (special motors, electric power transducers, computerised control and monitoring systems etc).

Electric power supply for the vehicles and lineside facilities alongside railway lines and highways represents an important segment of our business activities. KONCAR’s factories also manufacture special equipment necessary for a safe railway transport. This equipment is based on KONCAR own research, development and design. 
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KONČAR-KET delivers significant quantity of equipment for marine applications, specially designed for equipping not only passenger, but also cargo ships. KONČAR’s marine electrical equipment complies with strict regulations of the «Croatian Ship Register» and several foreign classification societies.
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