Experts with various backgrounds and expertise, employed in the Wind Power Plant Business Unit, can organise and perform all activities necessary for the construction of any wind power plant and can provide for a technical support to any client. They are also ready to organise and render all the services necessary for construction of any wind power plant.

  • Services rendered during the wind power plant construction planning phase: consulting and selection, manufacture and delivery of appropriate equipment for measuring of the wind potential, measuring and estimation of the wind potential, suggesting of an optimal wind turbine type and arrangement of wind turbines at each individual location, selection of an optimum manner of connecting of a wind power plant to the electric energy network, suggestions and consulting aimed at the compilation on an investment study;
  • Purchase of the wind turbine equipment: designing and manufacture of the wind turbine equipment and equipment necessary for connection of the wind power plant to the electric power network, testing and inspecting of the complete equipment in the factory, transport of the equipment to the construction site;
  • Construction of the wind power plant: preparation, organisation and mobilisation of the construction site, performance of all necessary civil engineering works, performance of all mechanical and electrical erection and assembly activities, assembly and installation of the connecting equipment; and finally
  • All the other necessary activities bound to final tests, inspections and putting into operation and connecting of the new wind power plant to the electric power network.   


Wind Power Plant Business Unit takes the obligation of construction of any wind power plant under the standard contract conditions as well as at “turn-key” principle, taking into consideration all specific requirements and necessities of every potential employer.