There are activities indispensable for operation of any wind power plant:

  • Wind Power Plant / Wind Turbine Remote Control;
  • Wind Power Plant / Wind Turbine Servicing and Maintenance, both planned - preventive and unplanned - corrective; and
  • Spare Part Delivery.  

The stated activities are usually performed at the request of the employer and contracted together with contracting of the construction of the wind power plant. Their performance starts immediately upon completing of the construction and the taking-over procedure.

Such an approach to the stated services brings additional benefits to every wind power plant construction employer since it obliges the manufacturer of the equipment / contractor of the works to take care of the plant and equipment it has constructed even after finalisation of the construction. Rendering monitoring and maintenance services, the contractor will survey operation of the wind power plant on the everyday basis, optimize wind turbine operation and avoid occurrence of possible unforeseeable failures applying an ordinary planned maintenance plan together with predefined rules and procedures. Performing necessary works within the frames of unplanned corrective maintenance and repairing all unforeseeable faults within shortest time possible, the contractor will minimise wind turbine standstills and enable a continuous operation of any wind power plant. KONČAR – KET organises a complete operation and maintenance services of wind power plants in such a manner to enable maximum safety and security of the equipment decreasing wind turbine production losses to the minimum.

The wind turbine design enables a quick and efficient maintenance, easy access to all equipment parts and provides for a maximum safety and security of servicing and other maintenance personnel. All works are organised and performed pursuant provisions defined in the equipment manufacturer and contractor’s manuals. They are performed in regular time periods at foreseen and contracted terms by the KONČAR Group maintenance personnel. Wind power plant / wind turbine preventive maintenance is always performed in periods when stopping of a wind turbine will cause the lowest possible production loss to the wind power plant owner.

KONČAR-KET delivers spare parts for every wind power plant at demand submitted by the employer and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation as soon as possible.    

KONČAR-KET contracts Operation and Maintenance services during the time period of at least 3 to 5 years after completion of the construction guarantying for a certain high availability of the wind power plant / wind turbines during the term.