Construction of new and refurbishment of existing plants for power transmission and distribution belongs to KONČAR core businesses, too.

KONČAR-KET delivers transformer substations, switchgears and switchyards up to voltage levels of 420kV, on a «turn-key» basis, complying with the most recent technical solutions and the quality equal to the most prominent world contractors.

In order to satisfy growing needs of power transmission system in a country, KONČAR manufactured and supplied the first set of high voltage equipment for the voltage level of 123kV in 1953, for the voltage level of 245kV in 1961, and for the voltage level of 420kV as early as 1976. During the late 70-ies of the last century, after a successful construction of numerous transformer substations and gained references on the domestic market, KONČAR started to contract and build similar but technically more challenging plants abroad (Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Egypt, Malaysia, etc.).

Up to the current days, KONČAR has completed more than 300 transformer substations of nominal voltages from 123kV to 420kV in power transmission area, and over 3000 transformer substations for power distribution area of voltages between 12kV and 123kV.

KONČAR-KET constructs transformer substations and switchgears of the following types:

  • switchgears and switchyards
  • classic, air insulated substations (AIS)
  • metal clad and SF6 gas insulated substations (GIS) up to 170kV
  • «hybrid», «modular», «CIS» (Compact Integrated Switchgear) 
  • mobile substations
  • other extra standard tailor made versions and types of transformer substations and switchgears

For construction of transformer substations and switchgears KONČAR - KET uses major equipment manufactured in KONČAR factories such as:

  • power transformers
  • disconnectors
  • circuit breakers
  • instrument transformers

MV & LV panels

We complete the competence in this business area with the development and implementation of the most complex systems for protection, measurement, monitoring, local and remote control. As necessary and required by the customers we also incorporate equipment provided by different world recognised manufacturers. (more: Control Systems).

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KONČAR-KET also constructs 132/11 kV, 25 MVA mobile substations. Mobile substations are used for: 

  • refurbishment or maintenance of existing substations when uninterrupted power supply is required 
  • natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, freezing rains, thunder storms) 
  • unforeseeable faults of the existing equipment (fire on the power transformer) 
  • temporary power supply of the construction site or industrial facilities

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