The consciousness of water in general has been changing all over the world recently. An increased need for new freshwater sources has occurred, since drinking water has become a precious natural treasure. On the other side, the volume of wastewater continues to increase as a result of changing demographics, economic development and urban spread. Therefore both, public and private water utility companies throughout the world have found ”Končar – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering” as an experienced and reliable partner for solutions regarding the complete water cycle: from the water intake and treatment, through transportation and distribution to the waste water collection and treatment. 

Končar is a reliable partner with a wide range of technical solutions and services. Efficient all-in-one solutions provide the optimum path meeting both economic and environmental demands. Our solutions complying the highest standards of quality and applied all over the world together with our industrial know-how have made Končar one of the most required partner in water management. 

Končar is a reliable provider of complete electrical engineering solutions for international water infrastructure projects, a company specialized in turnkey projects. Both, a project manager and a water treatment expert, Končar controls all the stages involved in designing and building plants, including design studies, plans, works and commissioning. 


 Demanganisation device for drinking water, Petruševec, Croatia 


Water Supply 

Clean water supply is a vital requirement for a healthy society making clean water both, a precious and a finite resource. Končar is an ideal partner for projects consisting from small pumping stations up to large water transmission systems where Končar can take the responsibility for building up multiple pumping stations providing a single interface with a considerable overall cost reduction in project management, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We offer a specific focus on the energy efficiency in water supply systems. 


Reconstruction of Strmica PS / S/S, Rijeka, Croatia 

Wastewater treatment 

A Half of the water treated worldwide is urban wastewater. The volume of wastewater continues to increase and the wastewater treatment has become a major environmental challenge for local authorities. Končar offers proven wastewater treatment technologies. Our solutions target to minimize the considerable energy usage in wastewater treatment plant operation. Končar is ready to provide you with customized solutions. 


Measurement of flow, pressure, and precipitation inside the sewerage system of the City of Zagreb -2B Project, Zagreb, Croatia 



Irrigation is an ancient agricultural technology using water from lakes and rivers as well as groundwater to irrigate fruit bearing fields. Končar makes the best water management solutions allowing you to irrigate your soil precisely and efficiently.


El Salam No 4 PS, Egypt 


Control System 

Končar is an ideal and experienced partner when it comes to solutions to monitor, control and optimize water distribution, wastewater collection and water irrigation in real-time. We provide complex automation and control solutions for all types of water processes, from engineering to start-up. Proza Net SCADA system is Končar in-house developed product. Proza Net is applicable to various industrial branches such as:
- Electric power
- Gas and oil industry
- Water supply and sewage systems 


 SCADA system for 2A Project, Zagreb 

PROZA NET is a standard based system that supports a large number of communication protocols such as: IEC 61850, IEC60870-5-104, IEC60870-5-103, IEC60870-5-101, MODBUS Serial, MODBUS TCP/IP, LON,DNP3.0, etc.


 Hardware configuration 

PROZA NET system implements client-server architecture. The system is based on object oriented and component technologies enabling high runtime flexibility and simplifying maintenance. Modular structure enables adjusting and implementation of extensions and new functionalities.

  Water management - scope of work [pdf] 

  Reference list: Water and Ecology [pdf]