Implementation of process information systems for automatic control and monitoring of plants and equipment in electric power as well as in process industry represents an important and very successful section of KONČAR-KET business activities. Basic components of these processing information systems with distributed structures are: process controllers, local control panels and operator stations. During the execution of this projects our experts use the equipment and systems provided by reputable world-known manufacturers.

In electric power industry majority of our activities regarding implementation of control systems is oriented to hydro power plants. KONČAR-KET control systems comprise all parts of a hydro power plant from the mechanical equipment of dam spillway bays, hydro mechanical equipment in the power house, from the main turbine-generator units and their auxiliary drives to the switchgears and switchyards and superordinated control centres.

 Process Controllers' Functions in Hydro Power Plant


Experience of our experts as well as tested and proven application software enable us to achieve a high level of automation of each hydro power plant. This involves taking into consideration available water resources, technological constraints, the role of the hydro power plant in the electric power system, participation in load/frequency control, multipurpose usage of water and other similar facet of hydro power generation. For hydro power plants that take part in load/frequency control KONČAR KET provides the services of upgrading local automation systems in order to obtain optimal functionality in cooperation with the superordinated dispatching centre.

In thermal power plants KONČAR-KET process information systems enable centralised control and monitoring of all electric equipment as well as auxiliary plants.

   Thermo Power Plant Plomin 2


In the process industry (oil, gas, water supply management, etc.) KONČAR-KET implements automatic control and monitoring systems for each plant individually (e.g. compressor and pumping stations, water treatment plant, etc.), as well as the whole production processes. From the control centres that KONČAR-KET has been constructing for years now, electric power plants and industrial process plants are remotely controlled and monitored.

Regardless of implementation area, reconstruction and/or refurbishment of an existing plants is not only a business challenge but also a technological one. In rare occasions the complete existing control system is being replaced at once. Most commonly, the project is usually executed during several phases synchronised with planned plant shutdowns. It can be very challenging to harmonize the existing and the new parts into a complete and reliable functional whole. Time scheduling and planning, together with other types of interventions (e.g. on the primary equipment), extremely short stops in operation, night and weekend working hours are specific to the stated projects in which KONČAR-KET have succeeded in obtaining numerous references.

 References: Automatic Control and Monitoring