For more than a quarter of a century KONČAR has been actively participating in research, development and manufacture as well as implementation of equipment for control systems in power engineering, transportation and process industry.

KONČAR-KET experts, in cooperation with investors and technological partners, have obtained wide and comprehensive experience in design and implementation of control systems for energy and process industry (power plants, transformer substations, oil and gas plants, water treatment plants, etc.). Having excellent knowledge of primary process and electrical equipment, deep understanding of process and system technologies, competence in hardware and software handling, KONČAR-KET project execution teams will successfully implement comprehensive solutions for even the most complex control systems.


At all levels of today’s control systems functions are realized through software. Our experts are familiar to the utmost details with all the functions, structure, software solutions in various applications as well as with tools for designing, parameter setting and testing of equipment composing a control system.

Often the complex control systems are composed of a range of various types of equipment and subsystems that cannot directly communicate with each other. In such cases our research and development engineers make interface devices or software solutions enabling a harmonised operation of equipment made by different manufacturers and deployed on different platforms. This ability, specific for KONČAR-KET is of a great significance in step-by-step, partial or comprehensive changes and reconstructions of control systems in power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as in transportation and process industry.